Drain Pan Treatments

Most homeowners are unaware of the dangers lurking within their heating and cooling system. The dark damp environment is a perfect breeding ground for mold, bacteria and water-borne micro-organisms.  Inside your HVAC system there is an indoor cooling coil that pulls the humidity from the air and cools it to make you comfortable in the summer time.  When the hot moist air hits this coil it sweats and drips into a drain pan beneath the coil.  If not treated, standing, stale water can breed contaminants that can cause challenges with your system and in the air you breathe. This water can create some undesirable consequences, including:

• Overflows from clogged air-conditioner drain pans due to the formation of slime, which can cause expensive damage to ceilings and/or other property.
• Contaminants found in drain pans can cause foul-smelling odors and air quality problems.
• Retained water can cause corrosion and premature failure of metal drain pans.

SolaceAir Time-Release Drain Pan Treatments, placed in the condensate drain pan between the coil and the drain opening, are designed to intercept the path of the water to the drain. The blue polyester sock and polymer shell stay put in the drain pan until the system is cleaned again next year.

SolaceAir Time-Release Condensate Drain Pan Treatments use state-of-the-art, water-activated, time-release polymer technology. The product may be used safely in air-conditioner and refrigerator drain pans, dehumidifier water tanks, or any other non-potable water retention area. The honeycombed solid package remains intact until it becomes activated by moisture... then it deactivates again, providing dependable, sustained time-release protection for just pennies a day.  The system contains a corrosion inhibitor and adds a light, pleasant scent to the air as it works.

Routine documented maintenance on your HVAC system will protect your system warranty while keeping your system running at peak energy and cooling efficiency. Be sure to have your indoor cooling coils checked annually and your time-release condensate drain pan treatment changed a minimum of once a year to keeps standing water in the drain pan bacteria-free and odor-free.  Studies by utility companies and independent universities show that an improperly maintained and dirty HVAC system can increase your utility payments by as much as 40%.